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The Magic of Hindu Wedding Hair & Makeup

by Doranna

One of the most extraordinary events you can attend is a Hindu wedding

Hindu Wedding Hair & Makeup
Hindu Indian Hair & Makeup



The attention to detail is unsurpassed for Hindu wedding hair & makeup. From colors to beading to Mehndi, you will find delicate beauty in every aspect. The hair and makeup for a Hindu wedding compliments the detailing in an exquisite but simple elegance.

Hindu wedding hair & makeup is similar to other weddings even though this celebration often takes several days. You may want to choose a simple updo or a soft cascade. The soft, classic look is often chosen because of the detailing of a gold ornament or head piece that may be worn. These accessories often tie into the gold woven detailing on the dress and accents in the makeup, and you may want to choose one with faceted stones to catch the eye.





You may like elaborate hairstyles

Hindu wedding hair can be a high teased style to gather volume and dramatic height, or braids can be plaited so that the ornaments may easily be attached. Messy or neat buns can be created for a cleaner line to show off your Sari or wedding dress.


Hindu Wedding Hair & Makeup
Indian Hindu Wedding Riviera Maya Mexico

Makeup for Hindu weddings begins with a flawless base

This is created with traditional or airbrush techniques of your choosing. Eyes are often naturally done with bold, darkened, filled in eyebrows. The eye contouring uses natural colors, but a dramatic contour, and often with winged eyeliner. The eyes are then often accented with gold, as this is a color that ties your hair, Sari and makeup together. The gold has a magical effect with the light reflection on you – as the bride – to be the center of attention. The eyeliner is kohl black all the way around the eye to continue with the dramatic, exotic look. Often false lashes are used with several layers of mascara to create the sexy, flirty look. To finish off, cheeks are just contoured but subtle, to not take away from the eyes. The lips are a bold, warm shade of red to compliment the gold tone.

And as the last touch of gloss is applied and the last ornament is inserted into your updo, you will turn to the mirror and remember that moment for the rest of your life!


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