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Weather is an important thing to consider when planning your destination wedding in the Riviera Maya. We have put together some useful information that we would like to share with you. The links and details below will help you decide what time of the year is best for your wedding, as well as the time of day. The sunrise & sunset links are useful in determining the best time that will work for your ceremony and newlywed pictures.

FAQ: What time should I have my ceremony in order to allow enough time for pictures before the sunsets?

The ideal time is to have your ceremony is 2 hours before the sun sets. Here in the Riviera Maya, once the sun starts to set it happens very quickly! Less than 20 minutes, so we need to work fast during this time!

NOTE: If your ceremony time does not leave enough time for photos, you do have a few options.

  1. Change the time of the ceremony
  2. Do the newlywed photos before the ceremony
  3. Schedule a first look 1hr or more before your ceremony time




This is the best time of the year to travel to the Riviera Maya for your wedding if you don’t like excruciating heat. December and January, temperatures cool down and on cloudless days swimming is just beautiful. At this time of the year you get the least amount of daylight, but PLAYA DEL CARMEN & CANCUN light up at night so it’s not really an issue.

Humidity and rain are lowest during this period. If rain or a cloudy days do occur, things can cool down considerably. It is advisable to take a light jacket with you in order to stay comfortable.


Ceremony & Sunset Times





Things start heating up mid-February and by April you can be roasting on the beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya. Ocean water temperatures have not caught up but outside temps have started to rise.

The “rains” start in April peaking in July-August. This is a wonderful time to travel because after “Spring Break”, things calm down until the summer travel season starts in late June. Ocean water temperatures are warm enough to swim comfortably; it’s hot but not “July-August” hot. Weather-wise, it’s a great time of the year for a wedding!


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This is the hottest time of the year in PLAYA DEL CARMEN, especially mid-July and August. During these months the Riviera Maya beaches are fill with vacationers!

Summer is also the rainy season, however if it does rain, it tends to hit only once a day and for a very short period. Quite often you are happy it rained as it tends to cool things down a little, at least for a short while.

On a cloudless day in August, the heat can be unbearable for some people. Shoes are needed because the roads can get too hot to walk on. Even walking any great distance can become a chore. Dehydration is a major factor during the summer months in the Riviera Maya. At 12:00 noon, you can get sun burned in 15 minutes without proper sun-block.


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In September and October the ocean water is hot from the summer heat. The outside temperature drops making daytime temps hot but bearable. Evenings are beautiful and you can still swim at night and be comfortable. This is also hurricane season in the Riviera Maya. Hurricanes or tropical storms can occur anytime between June and December, however the common period is September – November. It is advisable to pay close attention to weather reports during these months.


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