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Considering a Trash the Dress  or TTD for your Destination Wedding?

Unique Wedding Beach or Cenote Trash the Dress Photography

Cenote Trash the Dress MTM Photography
Mexico Cancun Trash the Dress Photographer

Are you considering doing a beach, Jungle, Cenote or Underwater Trash the Dress? These amazing photography sessions often create some of the most amazing images to add to your Destination Wedding! You can take your wedding dress places you never though it would go. These images often end up being the ones you will love the most for your wedding. They can be so romantic and dreamy! You can turn the session into a sexy intimate boudoir! The truth of the matter is, there are no holds barred when it comes to a Trash the Dress session and it really does not ruin your dress. Often after your wedding day, the wedding dress will be very dirty from walking around, dancing and enjoying your reception with family and friends. Jumping in the ocean or cenote, you will find your dress is cleaner than when you started! A quick rinse in some fresh water from the shower and you’ll be ready to take it home!


What to bring to a Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress Riviera Maya Photographer

You should bring anything that is personal for you and part of your wedding day. Sometimes brides will even bring a second dress if they don’t want to use their wedding day dress. Bring your flowers as these can be used in and around the water. Images with your wedding bouquet floating in the crystal clear water are amazing! Bring your shoes, umbrella, wedding details, sun glasses, rings, out of town gifts, etc! Anything that is personal to you a photographer can use to create art! Be sure to bring a change of clothes and towel for after so you can change. Put all your wet clothes like dress, suit, pants, and shoes in a bag to take back to your resort. Have some dry clothes to wear just like a “beach day”.



What is a Cenote TTD

Cenote Trash the Dress
Cenote Trash the Dress MTM Photography

The Riviera Maya has hundreds of Cenotes up and down the coast. They are usually fresh water and can be located in underground caves, above ground swimming pools. Located in the jungle areas, these pools of water used to be the fresh water drinking source for the Mayans. The water is usually crystal clear and allows photographers to capture amazing in and underwater images with you! They usually contain small fish as well that are often incorporated to the images. These surreal photos will make you go “WOW”! Often photographers will use smoke in cave cenotes to add drama to the light and transport you into a whole new world. Capturing the sun light streaming into the area or through holes in the cave. In a cenote, the water can range from waist deep to 20 feet deep normally. You should be comfortable in the water and be able to swim. Be sure to talk to your photographer about it so they can take you into areas you are comfortable!


Beach Trash the Dress

Beach Trash the Dress
Beach Trash the Dress MTM Photography

A beach TTD can be captured almost anywhere from Cancun to Playa del Carmen and Tulum! Having your photographer get wet and sandy with you capturing images on the beach and in the ocean. Getting yourself sandy and wet with your wedding dress is an amazing time. These images will often make your parents and grandparents say “are you crazy”!!! You will have so much fun with these kinds of sessions and can be captured at any time of the day. You’ll enjoy getting in the ocean with the 30 degree sun shining down on you. Capturing waves crashing with you and laying on the sand. It’s very safe and a great photographer will be right there with you in the sand and surf creating artistic images that will make your friends jealous! Keep in mind that underwater images will be at the mercy of the sea as waves will stir up the sand and can often make the underwater images “cloudy”. So if you want underwater images, consider having your TTD (Trash the Dress) in a cenote where the water is clear and still.


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