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How to Choose the Right Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer?

Wedding Photography is probably going to be one of the biggest investments you are going to make for your wedding day

Cancun Wedding PhotographerGETTING IT RIGHT… will be the difference between loving your wedding day forever or regretting it because of the lost memories and emotions.

There are hundreds of Wedding Photographers who work in the Riviera Maya for all kinds of budgets. As mentioned earlier, it is most important you find a photographer who’s work speaks you you! When you view their work, can you picture yourself there and imagine the feeling? If you can… that is a great start!

Keep in mind that you may have to adjust your budget to get that photographer who you LOVE and skip over the one that is just OK. Who wants “OK” wedding photos? This is the only thing you will take with you after your wedding and ENJOY FOREVER! There are so many choices for Photography Companies here in the Mayan Riviera, you should be able to find one that fits your budget and speaks to you!



You want to view lots of work by the wedding photographer you choose

Lots of resorts now offer wedding packages with photo and video, but keep in mind, this may the best of “someones” work and not the staff member who will be capturing your wedding day. This is one of the downfalls of large and all inclusive resorts. They often change staff on a regular basis and you will HAVE NO IDEA who will be at your wedding?!? If you are a gambler on a budget… then go for it and spin the wheel of chance.



Check out Photographer Reviews from the company

Riviera Maya Wedding PhotographerMake sure couples are talking about the people who will be capturing your wedding day. All professional companies be able to point you to real world reviews and see what other couples have to say! If a photographer has hundreds of glowing reviews, chances are they are for real and will deliver the photos that you expect on your wedding day.

Here in Mexico, you also need to find a true professional wedding photographer who stands by their work and has a great reputation. Many “fly-by-night” photographers and companies have come to the Riviera Maya to capture weddings because it really is a Wedding Meca. That being said, they will barter prices with you, say YES to everything you want only to get your business for whatever amount they think they can get. These kinds of companies don’t usually produce anything special and you are lucky to get a mediocre wedding package. Talk about a downfall!



Professional photographers will have set prices and not negotiate

Playa del Carmen Wedding PhotographerLets run a scenario by you. You love one photographers work but the price is higher than another photographer work you saw but didn’t like so much. You ask the photographer who’s work you like, “I found another photographer for less money, will you negotiate the price”?  Should they negotiate the price? Some will, just to get the job and your money. Would you walk into a restaurant you like, order the Rib Eye and Double Baked Potato because it’s awesome, but ask to pay the prices from the restaurant across the street? Be careful with companies that will “match” prices because this is just a red flag that they are not doing a great job.

Professional Wedding Photographers are high demand and know what their product is worth. They often bring with them $15,000USD worth of equipment to your wedding and know how to use it! You are always able to get a hold of them for help and rely on their years of experience to help you with your day! Reputable photographers will reply back to your emails and questions in a timely manner and get you the answers you need.  Lastly,  a big reason a professional wedding photographer will not negotiate prices is because they are PROFESSIONAL!!! Looking through online reviews, you will be able to see how many happy brides they have. Couples are not complaining that they purchased a package only to find out the photographer discounted it to the next couple a week just to get the money! YIKES!!! Just give it a though.

Who do you want to rely on to record this milestone in your life?!?!



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