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    P1050972.JPG It's hard to say where it all began, but one thing is obvious, what we have now is beautiful. I'm not really even sure how you judge the it when we met? That point is pivotal. Is it when we reunited? The timing was perfect. Whatever the beginning was, the seed of a relationship was planted, and from that seed we have sown a relationship that is strong, resilient, it spans vast distances, and continues to grow in new and unexpected ways. Our story is more than a history, it's an attitude and understanding built on mutual respect and support. I probably sound like a person who just got engaged, who is enthralled with his partner..."just wait until real life hits"...I can hear you thinking. It might be true that relationships go through hard times, that life will throw you a curve ball, but, one of the best things about our story is that it already has had both smooth and rocky times. We both know that there will be obstacles, but, we both know that we will overcome them together. What makes our story unique is also what makes it common. We are not perfect, we have overcome obstacles, we have climbed mountains, slept under the stars, and, in the process, built a life together. Knowing that we have each other, that we accept each other for who we are and will promise to choose each other every day...I guess that's the important part of our story, and the part that will ensure that our story can't be told with a beginning, middle, and end at this point, because our story is still happening...and we're so excited to see what's next.

    A photo booth will be a great way to share the stories of our friends and family on our wedding night. So, thanks for voting, and thanks to Groupo Events for giving us the chance to have a photo booth!
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    Heartwarming story, Curtis!!! wishing you all the best with your remarkable relationship going forward, and that you get all your friends to vote ~ Best of luck!!!

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