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Discussion in 'Tell us about your wedding!' started by James Mackay, May 12, 2016.

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    I normally don't love going to weddings, but this was an exception to that statement... I wasn't the bride or groom, or even in the wedding party, but just witnessing my friend Greg's wedding, and the celebration, the setting, the food, and the photos... it's easy to tell that idomexico provides first class service. If I ever get married, the Mayan Riviera will be my destination, and Lincoln will be my photographer...

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    Thank you so much for the post James. It was an amazing wedding day and everyone had a blast! Hope to see you all again soon in Sunny Mexico! :-0

    Enjoy some of the images we captured.
    Moments that Matter photography

    TTD_0084 copy.jpg TTD_0151 copy.jpg TTD_0286 copy.jpg TTD_0297 copy.jpg TTD_0405 copy.jpg TTD_0576 copy.jpg TTD_0817 copy.jpg TTD_0903 copy.jpg TTD_0978 copy.jpg TTD_1223 copy.jpg
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    Great review James - thx for sharing with our forum community! It's sure to help wedding couples researching info for their planning decisions. Our entire planning community benefits, appreciate your insights!

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