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    Hey guys!
    I am new to the forums and was going through all your locations for churches. I am wanting to hold a Catholic wedding at a church (not sure if we will do it on resort or off resort yet), but wanted to know if they are all in Spanish? Do they also do them in English?
    Thanks.....need some good wedding planning advice.
  2. Moments that Matter

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    Hi and welcome to the forums! :)

    We have been to many catholic weddings and usually they are done in a mix of Spanish and English. Each church will have its own rules so you should check with them specifically what they offer for you. If you are wanting English... they may provide a translator or do it in both languages. I have only seen Spanish only ceremonies when it was for Spanish speaking couples!

    Check out the Barcelo Maya Resort & Dreams Tulum Resort.... both these have really nice churches located on the property for your wedding day!

    Keep in mind, all paperwork for a legal marriage here in Mexico is in Spanish and must be translated into English when you get home for it to be recognized.

    Barcelo Maya Colonial 24.jpg Barcelo Maya Colonial 27.jpg Barcelo Maya Colonial 29.jpg The Royal Playa del Carmen 29.jpg The Royal Playa del Carmen 30.jpg The Royal Playa del Carmen 31.jpg Dreams Tulum 13.jpg Dreams Tulum 19.jpg Dreams Tulum 22.jpg
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  3. The Chapel "Nuestra Se~ora del Carmen" (our lady of Carmen) in the heart of Playa del Carmen is soo beautiful!! We will recommend it if you are looking for a ceremony off resort.
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  4. We agree with the above recommendation for Nuestra Senora del Carmen! It's off 5th avenue, and it's totally adorable! Plus you can't beat the view.
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  5. VO evolution

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    Hi Tanya
    Nice to meet you I live and work in Playa del Carmen since 5 years, every time that I see the chapel "Nuestra Senora Del Carmen" I fall again in love with! So stunning and so peaceful you will absolutely love it !
    Congratulations for your future wedding!
    Best Natacha VO evolution
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  6. Sabry Iyswim

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    Hi Tanya,

    congratulations for your upcoming wedding! I'm a wedding planner in Playa del carmen and i will suggest to you the chapel " Nuestra Senora del Carmen" on the 5th avenue. It's beautiful with an amzing view :)

    Sabry Iyswim

    Wedding Planner & Design

    ph. +52 1 (984) 100 4422

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