Considering a vow renewal celebration next year - thinking Mexico?

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  1. ScottLianna

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    Hi everyone, my hubby Scott and I will be together 15 yrs next May and are thinking about renewing our vows, possibly in Mexico. We've decided it would be more meaningful if we took our 11 + 13-yr old kids with us on a destination vacation/wedding trip. I have no idea where to start or what to look for, any suggestions would greatly appreciated.
  2. Roslyn

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    Welcome ScottLianna - you've come to the right place for expert tips and advice for your vow renewal celebration next May - Congrats!
    Here's a link to some wonderful resort options in our Riviera Maya with easy-to-compare resort details so you can find all the info in one place: Riviera Maya Wedding Locations
    Our wedding specialists here would also love to help you! Wishing you happy research, and all the best with your plans - enjoy!
  3. Jasmin & Matt Photo

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    First off a huge congratulations on 15 years of marriage!

    I guess the first question would be, do you already know where you want to stay in the Mayan Riviera? What would make your dream vacation/wedding trip? Let's start with that and hopefully we can make your dreams come true.

    In the meantime we'll leave you with some inspiration <3
  4. Doranna Hairstylist

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    Hola ScottLianna!

    Mexico is a perfect place for your vow renewal. Fifteen years is quite a landmark and it should be celebrated well. Mexico offers so much for the occasion as well as for your kids! The Mayan Riviera which stretches from Cancun to Tulum is full of art, archeology, nature and much more. Tulum is more tranquil as a growing fishing village and is known as one of Mexico's famous Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns). Playa del Carmen is more of a city but not as bustling as Cancun. Then you have the smaller towns in between like Puerto Morelos and Akumal. It all depends on what you are looking for. There are big all inclusive resorts if you want to have everything included or you can choose boutique hotels that allow you to know more of the local traditions. No matter what you choose, it will be an anniversary/vow renewal your family will never forget!

    Please let us know if you would like some special pampering with hair and makeup for your special renewals. We invite you to visit our gallery to see photos of hairstyles for romantic events such as yours! Feel free to contact us directly at or What's App at 0521-984-108-9287
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  5. Hola Congratulations!!! I`m sure it`s been a long journey together and worthly to celebrate and now it would be even more better cause you can share this special day with your kids! :) as first step we suggest to start with a date and defining what do you want like form sample a ceremony in the beach or cenote... there are great options of hotels, resorts and places in Riviera Maya!

    Also you can contact us! we will be thrilled to help you in plan such special day!...
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  6. Sarah Garnier

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    Hi ScottLianna ! I hope everything is going well ! Woow 15 years ! Congratulation !
    This is so sweet to see that after so many years together you want to renew your vows and to celebrate your strong love again ! And with the kids this will be an amazing emotional time together.
    The Mayan Riviera is a perfect place to spend great time with your family and for this unique event you are planning.
    I know there are so many things to think and plan, maybe the help of an event/wedding planner would be a good option if you are not very familiar with the destination. This place offers so many treasures and opportunities is sometimes great to have a little help to gather all things together.

    I am sure you will capture this beautiful moment with the help of a photographer and it would be a pleasure for me and my team to take care of your beauty services for the big day. Hair and make up are the glam and relaxing time before the ceremony, don't miss it. You can visit our website and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

    I wish you a beautiful day and I hope to meet you soon

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  7. Welcome ScottLianna! How beautiful that you're deciding to renew your vows and you should really consider doing it here in Mexico...what a gorgeous and magical place for such a momentous life event. Here in the Riviera Maya, Mexico --the Caribbean side! There are beautiful pristine beaches with water several shades of blue and so much to offer fas well as it would make a great vacation with tons of activities for kids your kids' ages! There are natural water parks and archeological sites (Mayan ruins), beautiful day trips like trips to Tulum or Akumal to swim with sea turtles and just strolling down the famous 5th Ave in Playa del Carmen with tons of shops, restaurants, attractions and more. You would have an amazing time here.

    If you're looking to get some professional hair and makeup done for your special day feel free to get in touch. You can see some of our work in photos here and also on our website. We specialize in HD airbrush make up which is perfect for tropical climates like here in the Riviera Maya. Feel free to contact us directly anytime at or contact at one of our social media channels or phone numbers below. CONGRATULATIONS from Styling Trio to you both, on deciding to renew your vows. If we can be of any assistance in any other way, let us know.
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  8. Trend & Art

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    Hi Scott & Lianna!! Congratulations for your upcoming 15th anniversary! you deserve a big celebration and did a good choose coming to the Riviera Maya.
    If you wanna look stunning on that special day we offer to you airbrush makeup and hairstyle. Every make up includes fake eyelashes. We use the airbrush technique for make up which is perfect for the humidity and we give you some advises to get the perfect hairstyle. You will be awesome all night long. The company works with leading Brands such as L’oreal, Shwarzkopf, MAC, Kryolan, Tarte, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Bobbi Brown, Benefit.

    You can visit our website and check some pictures of our work, and find us in the social networks as /trendandart.

    Feel free to email us for any question.

    Best. Dani.
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  9. Sabry Iyswim

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    Hi Scott & Lianna

    congratulation for your upcoming 15th years anniversary and welcome to the community!!!
    Riviera Maya is a charming landscapes with its white sand beaches, bathed by turquoise water to share your vows with your loved one and enjoy your vacation :)
    I'm a wedding planner in Riviera Maya and i will be happy to help you in case you need
    Please feel free to contact me directly at my email :

    Below you will see my links


    Sabry Iyswim

    Wedding Planner & Design

    ph. +52 1 (984) 100 4422

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