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    I just came back from Mexico on a scouting mission/vacation, I am usually always just working. I drove south to the Chetumel area about 2.5 hours south of Tulum. Although it was a long drive it was wonderful, the Balcalar lagoon is AMAZING it would be a great spot for a honeymoon, might be a little to far for a wedding for it would be an extra cost for your guests. On the way back drove over to Mahahual beach for we heard great things, well total waste of time it is just a place to get drunk on the beach, and the beach is just okay.
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    Hey Robert! Thanks for joining our Wedding Planner Forum!
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    Hey Robert! Welcome to the forums! Have to agree... Balcalar lagoon is AMAZING with all the different colors of blue in the water!

    We should get together for a drink next time you make it down to Playa.

    Take care and see you around the forums.
    Lincoln at MTM Photography
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