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Discussion in 'Tell us about your wedding!' started by John Oats, May 22, 2016.

  1. John Oats

    John Oats New Member

    My brother is getting married next year at the Grand Palladium and we are looking for pictures from the resort and how the wedding venues are there?
    Has anybody been married there before and can you tell us how the beach and ceremony locations are?
    I've seen some stuff online but most of the information and images are kind of old. Looking for some new information and how the ocean and seaweed is.
    Thanks again... "best man"!
  2. Roslyn

    Roslyn online concierge

    Welcome "best man"- John! How awesome that you're helping your brother with his plans - sounds like you guys have a terrific dynamic (no wonder he picked you for his "best man") :)
    You'll find our latest info about his chosen resort here: Grand Palladium Resort details. The seaweed invasion that hit our beaches awhile back has subsided, so they're back to their previous pristine conditions and make gorgeous backdrops for beach weddings!
    We invite other wedding couples to chime in and relate their recent experiences of what their Grand Palladium weddings were like.
    Also wanted to make sure you know about an exceptional value opportunity available now. One of our photography vendors (MTM Studios) is running a contest to Win FREE Wedding Photography for a 2017 wedding....enter to WIN!!!
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  3. Hi John!! Welcome to the forum! Here are some images of one of our last weddings at Grand Palladium Resort. The beach is pretty good lately, no seaweed!! We love this hotel because have great locations for amazing pictures! Take a look of our work and recommend Mayan Riviera Photography to your brother! We would love to tell the story that it will live on your memories long after the Wedding day is over! Cheers!

    MRP0036.jpg MRP0040.jpg MRP0057.jpg MRP0061.jpg MRP0070.jpg MRP0076.jpg MRP0077.jpg
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  4. Moments that Matter

    Moments that Matter Active Member

    Hey John!
    The Grand Palladium is an awesome resort! You can view the details about the resort here at:

    The "sargrass" situation here in the Riviera Maya has turned around and the problem is nothing like it was for the beginning of 2016. There is a little here and there that may collect but nothing to be considered a problem anymore! ;)

    We capture the Grand Palladium resort all the time and you can view our online love Stories at MTM Photography Grand Palladium Link!!!

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions and we'll be glad to help.
    Team MTM Photography

    Grand Palladium Kantenah 12.jpg Grand Palladium Kantenah 15.jpg Grand Palladium Kantenah 22.jpg Grand Palladium Kantenah 28.jpg Grand Palladium Kantenah 29.jpg Grand Palladium Kantenah 30.jpg Grand Palladium Kantenah 43.jpg Grand Palladium Kantenah 50.jpg Grand Palladium Kantenah 57.jpg Grand Palladium Kantenah 62.jpg

    Grand Palladium Kantenah 57.jpg
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  5. Jasmin & Matt Photo

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  6. Hi John,

    Here's our sneak peak Real Weddings blog from our recent Grand Palladium wedding. Still piping hot off the presses this morning!
    Enjoy, and we welcome further questions.
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