Grand Riviera Princess or Azul Fives???

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Azul Fives or Grand Riviera Princess for a Wedding day?

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  1. Mira Jackson

    Mira Jackson New Member

    Hey kids,
    We are looking at getting married the summer of 2017 (date to be determined) either at the Grand Riviera Princess or Azul Fives. Has anybody been to weddings at these 2 resorts? What did you like or not like? How were the wedding ceremony & reception locations like?
    Also... we are looking for things to do with our guests! Excursion or things to see. If you been to these places and have some good tours we can go on or things to see... please let me know.

    Thanks again for any help, looking forward to hearing back.
  2. Moments that Matter

    Moments that Matter Active Member

    Hey Mira
    We just shot a wedding at the Azul Fives recently. They have a few locations for your ceremony but one in particular is amazing. Its really private but still has a view of the ocean and surround by lush green! Plus they have a beautiful rooftop terrace for your evening reception which lights up beautifully in the night! Please let su know if you have any questions about the Azul Fives for your wedding.
    You can view the teasers to this wedding at this link:
    MTM Photography at Azul Fives Wedding

    We capture the Grand Riviera Princess all the time. In face they just renovated their Chill Out Bar for your ceremony and/or reception. We have not posted images yet from the new venue but you can contact us directly if you would like to see them. We should be finished the wedding shortly!
    Here are some links you can check out to the Grand Riviera Princess and Grand Sunset Princess.... both are pretty much the same and we can move back and forth between the resorts for the wedding.
    Grand Riviera Princess Resort Link
    Grand Sunset Princess Resort Link

    MTM Photography

    Grand Riviera Princess 04.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 15.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 22.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 23.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 25.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 43.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 45.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 47.jpg
    Grand Riviera Princess 45.jpg
  3. Hi Mira!

    Congratulations on your engagement!
    We cast our vote for The Fives, mainly because of the consistent excellent feedback I have heard from many friends who live locally.
    But honestly, both are great choices. You will definitely be happy either way!
    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
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  4. Mira Jackson

    Mira Jackson New Member

    Thank for the tips guys! Can you tell me how the Azul Fives was for pictures? Is there a good spot for the Reception party afterwards. I don't want to be surrounded by hotel guests and hoping that we can find a more private location!
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  5. Roslyn

    Roslyn online concierge

    Hey Mira, great question for all our photographers here.
    Here's a link with resort details for Azul Fives: Azul Fives Resort Details
    Looking forward to seeing more Azul Fives weddings from the rest of the photographers ~ cheers!
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  6. Jasmin & Matt Photo

    Jasmin & Matt Photo New Member

    Hi Mira,

    We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Azul Fives and while they are both beautiful resorts, we definetly needs to vote for the Fives.

    Here are some images of the different ceremony locations. The rooftop ceremony is stunning and the blue greens of the Caribbean make for wonderful photos.

    I've also attached some photos from Svetlana & Dmytro's garden ceremony. View more images here:

    Please don't hesitate to ask any questions here or email us @




    Kristen_Michael_Teaser_12.jpg Kristen_Michael_Teaser_20.jpg Kristen_Michael_Teaser_21.jpg Kristen_Michael_Teaser_22.jpg Svetlana_Dmytro_Teaser_06.jpg Svetlana_Dmytro_Teaser_02.jpg Svetlana_Dmytro_Teaser_07.jpg Svetlana_Dmytro_Teaser_08.jpg Svetlana_Dmytro_Teaser_04.jpg Kristen_Michael_Teaser_06.jpg
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  7. Jasmin & Matt Photo

    Jasmin & Matt Photo New Member

    Sorry for the double post. Yeah the rooftop terrace is awesome for reception. SUPER private.

    Kristen_Michael_Teaser_08.jpg Kristen_Michael_Teaser_09.jpg Svetlana_Dmytro_Web_046.jpg Svetlana_Dmytro_Web_049.jpg Svetlana_Dmytro_Web_051.jpg Svetlana_Dmytro_Web_062.jpg
  8. M & J Photography

    M & J Photography New Member

    We love working at Azul Fives. Great photo locations, nice staff and a very nice room for an indoor ceremony in case of rain. The rooftop terrace is terrific. Good luck with your planning.

    Here is our take on favorite spots:

    And a favorite from Azul Fives:

  9. Moments that Matter

    Moments that Matter Active Member

    Hi Mira!

    The Azul Fives has a fantastic location for your ceremony that is as private as it gets to avoid the onlookers from the beach and hotel. The gazebo is very unique and quite gorgeous! Plus it over looks the ocean and makes from some amazing images!

    As well... they have a rooftop patio area or "sky deck". Again... totally private for your evening reception and boasts some incredible view of both the ocean and hopefully you will catch a Mexico sunset!

    You can view a full set of "Teaser Images" here: Moments That Matter at Azul Fives Resort Link

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Team MTM

    Raw_0343 copy.jpg Raw_1177 copy.jpg Raw_1451 copy.jpg Raw_1967 copy.jpg Raw_2980 copy.jpg Raw_3061 copy.jpg Raw_3276 copy.jpg Raw_3381 copy.jpg Raw_3563 copy.jpg Raw_5364 copy.jpg
    Raw_5364 copy.jpg
  10. Mira Jackson

    Mira Jackson New Member

    Wow... love all the pics. I am leaning towards the Azul Fives. Thank you so much guys! appreciate all the advice.
  11. Roslyn

    Roslyn online concierge

    Awesome teamwork! It's what makes this forum such an awesome resource for planning couples - brides and wedding specialist vendors sharing helpful advice with each other! All the best with your plans going forward ~ cheers!!!
  12. Trend & Art

    Trend & Art New Member

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