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  1. dulce amor

    dulce amor New Member

    Hubby and I decided to tie the knot after our baby girl arrived....making us an official family :) We're tossing around ideas of what would be the most fun and work best for us all (a couple of dozen friends and family), and a destination wedding seemed the right choice. We've been to Cancun and really loved the area along the coast! Glad to find this forum, and now looking for advice and suggestions for an easy fun family-friendly celebration in the Mayan Riviera! Thoughts, anyone?
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  2. Robert London

    Robert London New Member

    Some quick advice, Mexico is great but there is a rainy season so check that most of the resorts do not have very good alternative inside locations. Also now that you have a family many resorts are adult only. Negieate with the resort or better yet hire a wedding planner/travel agent I can recommend some if you wish. If you are flexible between Thanksgiving and Xmas is a great time to go, rates are great and it is past the rainy season
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  3. Sabry Iyswim

    Sabry Iyswim New Member

    Hi Dulce,

    congratulation for your upcoming wedding and welcome to the community!!! Riviera Maya is a charming landscapes with its white sand beaches, bathed by turquoise water to share your vows with your loved one and enjoy your vacation :)
    I'm a wedding planner in Riviera Maya and i will be happy to help you in case you need
    Please feel free to contact me directly at my email : info@sabryiyswim.com

    Below you will see my links


    Sabry Iyswim

    Wedding Planner & Design

    ph. +52 1 (984) 100 4422


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  4. Go diva weddings

    Go diva weddings New Member

    Hi Dulce Amor

    Congratulations on your engagement.

    We offer you our services for everything you need at your wedding.

    As a wedding planner company, we take care of all the logistics for the day of your event, we suggest the most ideal dates and seasons, advantages and disadvantages of a private location and a hotel All Inclusive, we also prepare quotes where we include all kind of services like lodging, transportation, venues, hair and makeup, catering, music, photography, video, flowers, decoration and many more.

    Our job is to make your dreams come true.

    General Manager


    (+52 1) 984 182 6078 International Calls
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  5. Trend & Art

    Trend & Art New Member

    Hello Dulce, congratulations for your upcoming wedding!

    Introducing myself, I´m Daniella, make up artist from Trend & Art. We use the airbrush technique for make up which is perfect for the humidity and we give you some advises to get the perfect hairstyle. You will be awesome all night long. The company works with leading Brands such as L’oreal, Shwarzkopf, MAC, Kryolan, Tarte, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Bobbi Brown, Benefit.
    You can visit our website http://www.trendandart.com and check some pictures of our work, and find us in the social networks as /trendandart.
    Feel free to email us for any question.

    Best. Dani.
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  6. Moments that Matter

    Moments that Matter Active Member

    Hola Dulce!
    We capture weddings several times a week here in the Riviera Maya! You can see hundreds of our online resorts here:
    MTM Photography Riviera Maya Resorts Link

    Please let us know if you have any questions or we can give you some advice on any specific resorts you may have in mind for your wedding day!

    Team MTM Photography

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    Raw_3109 copy.jpg
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  7. Sarah Garnier

    Sarah Garnier New Member

    Hi Dulce !

    Nice to meet you and congratulation, we are a company based in the Mayan Riviera, we are a french team and we've been working in the caribbean for years now. We offer all the services you need to look stunning on your wedding day ! It would be a pleasure for us to guide you on the choice of your bridal look and to make you beautiful for the big day ! Airbrush make up is definitely the best option for a long lasting result .
    Please visit our website and Instagram for more information about us and don't hesitate to contact us !
    Instagram : @sarahgarnierco http://instagram.com/sarahgarnierco/
    Contact : sarahgarnier@ymail.com

    Have a nice day and see you soon

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  8. Doranna Hairstylist

    Doranna Hairstylist New Member

    Hola Dulce Amor! (Love that!)

    Congratulations- a double congratulations! What a way to celebrate your daughter and your love but to honor them with a special occasion to share with friends and family here in one of the most beautiful places in the world! You have definitely found the stunning background to make your day unforgettable and whimisical!

    There are two ways you can go. You can choose an all inclusive resort which will have its own built in wedding coordinator and systems in place. These are found in Cancun and all up and down the Riviera Maya (south of Cancun to Tulum) Or you can go more private and quaint with a smaller hotel and separate wedding coordinator in smaller towns such a Akumal, Puerto Morelos and Tulum. It all depends on the ambiance you would like to have for your special event.

    We are available for any specific questions you might have. There is so much to talk about.

    In case you may be looking for hair and makeup services on your special day...
    let me introduce myself, my name is Doranna De Bortoli. I am a leader in hair and makeup for weddings in the Riviera Maya since 2003. My portfolio has more than one thousand satisfied brides, bridesmaids and guests from around the world at your wedding destination.

    I share some of my work in the photo galleries and testimonials of satisfied brides on my web page and social networks, the links are attached below in the signature. Please take a moment to peruse these and let them speak for themselves.

    Again congratulations! If you have What's App feel free to send me a message and I can call you directly. My personal number is 001 (for out of Mexico) 1-984-108-9287. Or you can email me at info@dorannahairstylist.com or dorannahairstylist@gmail.com

    Elegance and simplicity – always!

    Doranna de Bortoli & Team

    Dedicated to making your special day whimsical


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  9. Hola!

    Congratulations first on your baby girl, and secondly on your engagement!
    There is SO much to consider when starting this whole destination wedding planning thing ~

    To get you started on the right path, check out our Simple Guide To Planning A Destination Wedding, and also our Ultimate List Of Wedding Resorts In Mexico (which has a section for family friendly choices)

    Let us know if you need further help or suggestions...

    Happy Planning!
    Gillian & Marc.
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  10. VO evolution

    VO evolution Member

    Hi Dulce
    Nice to meet you and welcome to this fabulous forum, CANCUN & The Mayan Riviera are the perfect places to get married
    It will be fantastic to celebrate your special day in the Paradise!
    They are so much fabulous venue, I'm sure you will found a lots of ideas here !
    If you need a beauty dream team on your wedding day, don't hesitate to contact us, we offer professional hair, makeup (Airbrush) services and more !
    It will be a pleasure assist you
    Good luck in your wedding plan, enjoy every moment
    Best regards, Natacha Vo evolution
    +52 9841674510

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