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  1. Kuena

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    I am pregnant for 2 months. so we plan to host the wedding next month.the wedding plan is very urgent, so my wedding
    dress has not been found.there will be presssed for time when I have a selection and purchase of the wedding dress in local area. I am thinking about whether I can choose the online store to buy, where is your wedding dresses to buy.If anyone has bought it at evdressau.com, the online store has a big discount for pregnant mothers. :):)
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  2. admin

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    Your best bet would be to find a dress locally at home and not here in the Riviera Maya. Even if you used an online store... you should get it delivered to you there as the only options you would be able to use here in Mexico is UPS or Fedex to ensure delivery on time.
    It would be a lot of added stress to the situation which could be avoided by arranging to have it before hand.

    I am assuming that you want to make sure it fits as your are growing with baby... so try and make sure to get it with time enough to make alterations if need be. As well as pick a design that is adjustable and not a body hugging fit with zipper. :)
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    Welcome Kuena! and Congrats on your pregnancy - how exciting :) MTM has excellent advice about bringing your dress with you, as that's easier than trying to ship it to Mexico. I wish you all the very best with your plans and exciting family life ahead - Cheers!
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  4. Robert London

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    There are certain things to remember when traveling particular to a foreign country and the onsite wedding planners are not always the best. Here is an article from a planner: http://flyawaybride.com/packing-for-a-destination-wedding/
    Also you can do a city hall wedding stateside to deal with the paper work and have a symbolic ceremony in Mexico. I have had brides loose all their wedding gifts to the wedding party at the border for they were made out of wood

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