Le Blanc in Cancun... whatcha think??? Reviews???

Discussion in 'Tell us about your wedding!' started by Tamara McMahon, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Tamara McMahon

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    Hi from Amazing Vancouver again!
    My finance and I are getting married at the Le Blanc in Cancun next July 2017! I was looking at the information for the hotel and wondering if anybody else here has been married there? How was the beach? Ceremony location? Rooms? I didn't see any reviews for the hotel here so hoping some people who have been there can share some information!

    Also... we are looking at bringing down a photographer friend of ours to shoot our wedding. Has anybody out there done this before... Im hearing a lot of information that it's not allowed and there are problems with Cancun Customs? Just a thought, please let us know if you've brought your own photographer?

    Talk to you soon!
    Tamara! X
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  2. Roslyn

    Roslyn online concierge

    Welcome to our forum community Tamara, and Congrats on your Le Blanc wedding next July!!! You'll find some great info about your wedding venue at our Resorts Review list ~ here's a link to make it easy: Le Blanc Spa Cancun Details

    You may want to re-think bringing a photographer from home, because it's not legal for them to work here in Mexico.
    It's illegal for someone to come to Mexico and photograph a wedding without proper working papers, just the same way people can not just travel to the USA or Canada and work without legal working papers.
    Cancun airport is aware of this and as you will see... scans all luggage arriving when you go through customs. People traveling with more than one camera will need to answer for the equipment. I'm not trying to scare you... just give you the facts of working in a foreign country.

    You don't need any unnecessary stress for your Dream Destination Wedding, and I can only imagine how you'd feel if your friend from home wasn't allowed to shoot your wedding!

    We have lots of great professionals in our Riviera Maya who can create a photo record you'll cherish for a lifetime. You can see a list of them and their artistry style at this link: Photographer List & Reviews

    Remember, we've "got your back" and are here to help with any further planning questions you think of ~ happy research + planning!
  3. Moments that Matter

    Moments that Matter Active Member

    Hey Tamara!
    Like mentioned above... it is illegal to work in Mexico with our proper paperwork but there are photographers for every budget and you should find one who's work speaks to you! :)

    The other thing to consider: Is this photographer a friend of your you are inviting to your wedding. Being a professional photographer who has attended hundreds of weddings I can tell you first hand... it is A LOT OF WORK! We do not "enjoy" a wedding the same way a guest does. We are not in the moment listening to your words and feeling the emotion of the day. It is our job to find the unexpected. Looking around for moments in the time and then having the skill to capture them. I truly realized this when I attended a friends wedding as a guest and had not been to a wedding as a guest in a while. I truly appreciated it in a new way! So... you should think about if your "friend" is a guest there to enjoy your wedding day in Mexico or working your wedding day! Its a big difference!

    Le Blanc is an amazing resort. We have shot there many times and you can view some images we captured. Let us know if you have any questions we can help you with!
    MTM Photography

    Le Blanc Resort 05.jpg Le Blanc Resort 11.jpg Le Blanc Resort 14.jpg Le Blanc Resort 17.jpg Le Blanc Resort 23.jpg Le Blanc Resort 24.jpg Le Blanc Resort 31.jpg Le Blanc Resort 34.jpg Le Blanc Resort 38.jpg Le Blanc Resort 39.jpg
    Le Blanc Resort 39.jpg
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  4. Tamara McMahon

    Tamara McMahon New Member

    Thank you so much for the tips! Can't wait to make it down to Le Blanc and get married! I am going to lurk around this forum more and check out the goods!
    Can't wait to make all my wedding plans and get everything organized.
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  5. Trend & Art

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    feel free to email us for any question to contacto@trendandart.com We are specialize in Airbrush makeup and Hairstyle all over the Riviera Maya. Check out some pictures of our works Here.
    We would love hear back from you.
    Follow us in the social media as @trendandart.
    Best, Dani.
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