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    Our Story
    A little back story on myself, 9 years ago I had the the shocking diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 25. I stayed positive throughout it all but secretly thought who's going to want me now. Fast forward 5 years I finally got over my fears and decided to put myself on the market again. I signed up for online dating and so my new journey began. It took 2 years before I met Alec. He was so sweet in his messages and you could tell he took thee time to read my profile. He took me on the best dates ever! First to Starbucks, then bowling, a concert at a local pub and to a game board cafe. I quickly discovered we had the same quirky passions like our obession with board games, our love of investigative television, and after watching anything based on a true story we immediately look it up on the Internet to see how much is true. When I first told him I loved him I got got embarrassed because it slipped out and he laughed at my embarrassment and then told me he loved me too. I'm so lucky I met my soulmate and I know he feels the same way too. He proposed on my favorite holiday, Christmas and it was perfect. We glowed for weeks after and are excited to get married at the Grand Sirenis Rivera Maya in January.
    We would love to win this contest as currently we just can't afford wedding photography. We are depending on friends and family to take some pictures of our special day. To win this would mean the world to us especially from MTM as they do so much amazing work. Help a couple of helplessly in love Winnipegers win this contest by liking this post! JPEG_20141214_172328_.jpg
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    Hi Christy & Alec!

    Congratulations on your engagement! We would love you capture your special day for you down here in the Riviera Maya!

    Be sure to share this link with family / friends / facebook network and get them to vote for you! The contest is all up for grabs right now so you have a great head start to take the lead.

    Best of luck and let us know if you have any questions.
    Team MTM Photography
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    What a beautiful story Christy & Alec ~ Thx for sharing! Wishing you lots of "likes" and best of luck!
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    Congrats both of you! I hope you win the photography prize!!
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    Good job so far on the contest guys!!!! I see you are collecting some votes for the deadline on October 31 when we find out who won the free wedding photography!

    Don't forget to share this link with your family & friends on facebook and social media to get yourself some votes. Last time we held a contest like this, the winner had over 200+ votes!

    Good luck and we'll be keeping tabs on you guys!
    MTM Photography
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    Awesome job on the contest so far! Just a reminder we will be announcing the winner on October 31st! Make sure you share your entry with family, friends, facebook and your social network to get as many "LIKES" on your post!!!
    Stay tuned for the $2500 winner shortly!
    Team MTM Photography
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