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    It all started back in 2007 when Kaetlyn and Curtis each independently, without knowing each other, and from separate parts of the country, decided to backpack throughout Australia. Luckily enough, Curtis' friend, Matty decided to meet Curtis in Sydney a month after Curtis' departure. Matty met two new friends, Kaetlyn and her travel buddy Katelyn in Hawaii, and together they got to know each other on the flight to Sydney. Kaetlyn first saw Curtis standing under a "Stop" sign on the side of the road, while he was waiting for his friend to arrive. Together, the group of four traveled the country, exploring Sydney's red light district, Australia's Gold Coast, and witnessing the spectacular New Year's Eve firework celebration over the Harbor Bridge. They parted ways in February...

    Throughout the years, Curtis and Kaetlyn kept in brief contact. There were a few "Happy Birthday's", "Merry Christmas'", and "Did you meet any nice boys/ girls yet?" conversations online. In January 2012, Curtis and Kaetlyn started to Skype on a regular basis. Their relationship started to grow. Curtis surprised Kaetlyn when he announced his new job at Halliburton, which was based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. After many years apart, they were both thrilled, and slightly nervous to reunite.

    It didn't take long for feelings to evolve...
    After several months in the "just friends" phase, they were not fooling anyone that they were in fact, just friends. While on a trip to Calgary, with the help of Curtis' friend Carsten, the relationship became official. They went out for supper to Teppanyaki, a Japanese Restaurant. The Chef asked if they were celebrating anything special. Carsten informed the Chef that it was Curtis and Kaetlyn's one year Anniversary. The Chef put on quite a show with large flames, heart shaped onions and a 'Happy Anniversary' photo souvenir to boot. At that point Curtis and Kaetlyn realized that they just celebrated their "first year anniversary", all while they had not even become an official couple. So, on July 27, 2012 it became official!!

    Curtis and Kaetlyn are no strangers to a long distant relationship. Curtis moved back to Windsor in September 2013 to pursue his studies in Philosophy, while Kaetlyn remained in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, working as a Medical Radiologic Technologist. They visited each other often, and made sure to Skype everyday.

    During one of their Skype dates, Curtis told Kaetlyn that he was heading to the cottage in Michigan for the weekend. He said a storm was passing through and that he was about to lose signal. Shortly thereafter, Phyllis' (Kaetlyn's mom) cell phone was ringing. She was not around so Kaetlyn answered it as it showed Curtis was calling. There was no answer on the other side. Moments later, Curtis called Kaetlyn to confess. He said that he was actually in the Toronto Airport on route to Regina. Kaetlyn was so confused, she was trying to tell him that he was wrong. Curtis feared that Kaetlyn was onto him about lying, but after learning that she had no idea what was going on, he should have stopped confessing. Curtis told Kaetlyn that Phyllis was coming to pick him up from the airport two hours away. Kaetlyn was very confused as Phyllis was denying everything.

    Kaetlyn had to work the next day, but was able to take the afternoon off. Curtis picked Kaetlyn up for lunch and together they went back to the house. Curtis said he had an Anniversary Surprise, and asked Kaetlyn to go change out of her scrubs. When Kaetlyn came back upstairs, there were a dozen roses on the counter instructing her to go outside. Curtis was outside with a beautiful leather cover scrapbook he made. They went though the book that lead them through their journey as a couple. The last page of the book was the last 100 pages of the book glued together. Curtis had made a hidden ring box out of the book, with a velvet pocket to hold the ring. As they flipped to the last page of the book, Kaetlyn saw that the left page said, "Kaetlyn Amber Shewchuk, Will You Marry Me?", and the right side of the book was a ring with a light he had built to shine over top of it. Before she knew it, Curtis was down on one knee proposing. Kaetlyn was overwhelmed with joy! Had she not known Curtis was coming to Saskatchewan...It might have just been too big of a surprise!
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    Great story Kaetyln! Wish you the best of luck with the MTM Photography conest!
    ps: Go Riders! ;)
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    Super excited for you guys!! Can't wait! Good luck!!! Xo
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    Your story is ENCHANTING Kaetlyn and Curtis :) PERFECT for our MOST CHARMING Prince & the PRINCESS of his DREAMS :D with LOVE
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    Awesome job on the contest so far! Just a reminder we will be announcing the winner on October 31st! Make sure you share your entry with family, friends, facebook and your social network to get as many "LIKES" on your post!!!
    Stay tuned for the $2500 winner shortly!
    Team MTM Photography
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    Congrats on your exciting engagement Kaetlyn and Curtis! Wow! Timing IS Everything :)
    Wishing you best of luck in the contest with your "like" votes and amazing life together - Enjoy!!!
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    Kaetlyn and Curtis. Love you guys so much! what a cute story. Can't wait to see all of the beautiful photos!
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    Congratulations to Kaetlyn and Curtis! What a beautiful story and best wishes forever!
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    So excited to be a part of your special day!
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    Grand Prize Winner!!!
    We would like to congratulate Kaetlyn & Curtis for winning $2500 worth of free photography for their wedding day in the Riviera Maya! They managed to get 289 votes to win the free contest. We will be capturing their amazing day on January 17th, 2017 at the Grand Sunset Princess just outside Playa del Carmen! It will be an amazing day and we be there to create some amazing art for our lucky couple!

    Grand Riviera Princess 15.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 45.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 35.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 04.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 22.jpg Grand Riviera Princess 48.jpg
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    CONGRATS Kaetlyn & Curtis ~ on winning the MTM Photography GRAND PRIZE ~ how exciting!!!
    Really looking forward to seeing your spectacular photo session with MTM ~ all the BEST!
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    A big thanks to "MTM Photography" and "I Do Mexico". Curtis and I are so excited to work with you on our big day. We just can't wait!!!!
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