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    Andrew and I got married June 10th years ago at SECRETS Maroma beach Rivera Cancun. To anyone that is hesitant to hire an outside photographer DONT WORRY LINCOLN & MTM HAVE YOUR BACK. He is very professional and at the same time extremely fun to be around. He made my day more special and my friends and family loved him too. I was worried about using the photographer at the resort that was included in my wedding package. I contacted Lincoln from moments that matter photography and he said in an immediate response " if pictures are whats most important to you than go with an outside photographer even if it was not him" . He told me like it was. no strings attached . i watched all his slide show videos he produced on his web site and i read all the reviews. After seeing and only reading a few comments i knew he was right for me. i only continued to watch all the videos because i was addicted lol. His elegant and glamor style lured me in. i would pay any amount of money for the moments he captured.

    I also did the trash the dress session. This is MUST DO. I never heard about this until I watched Lincoln's slide shows. I knew when I saw the pictures of other brides trashing their dresses I had to do it as well. My dress was an absolute mess after wards but when i got back to my resort i hung dried it , then shook it out. Rolled it up and placed in my suitcase and brought it back home too the dry cleaners. its good as new! Oh and Lincoln was not alone, he came with assistance. His partner and him broke off and split the job . Linc went with me and his partner went with my husband allowing no moment to go uncaptured. I AM THE BIGGEST FAN of MTM Photography !! I hope he never leaves Mexico because i want him to take my anniversary pictures in the future : )

    Check out our behind the scenes video of the Trash the Dress: Debbie & Andrew TTD Behind the Scenes

    Trash the Dress.jpg
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    Best of luck Debbie & Andrew with your return to the Riviera Maya with MTM photography! Great story and review.
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    Hola Debbie & Andrew! Great to hear from you again. Awesome job on the contest so far! Just a reminder we will be announcing the winner on October 31st! Make sure you share this entry with family, friends, facebook and your social network to get as many "LIKES" on your post above!!!
    So far the lead has just under 200 LIKES so you will need to get to work over the next few weeks.
    Stay tuned for the $2500 winner shortly!
    Team MTM Photography
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    3rd Place Winner
    Debbie & Andrew managed to collect 152 votes and squeak into 3rd place. They are a long time wedding couple with MTM and we love capturing these 2! We were there for their wedding day way back when and also captured a Romeo & Juliet session with them in a cenote and cave! They are such fun to capture and we look forward to an anniversary shoot when them very soon. If they bring their baby daughter with them to Mexico next time we can include her into the session and make it something unique and cool with everybody in the water!
    Raw_0277 copy.jpg
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    Congrats on your 3rd place win, Debbie & Andrew!!! Absolutely ADORE your albums and photo shoots that look like so-OH Much FUN! Enjoy your prize savings on your next Photo Session with MTM - can't wait to see the next uber-impressive photo session...YEH!!!
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