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    :) Hi. I met my fiance in Mexico in April 2009, it was a holiday romance; which lead to a proposal in the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas in September 2015 (photo attached). Mexico is such a special place to us and our favourite holiday destination; this meant choosing our wedding location was easy...Rivera Maya, back where it started, and almost 7 years exactly after we met. Our wedding is 7th April 2017 and we can't wait. Having such a reputable company take photos of our special day would mean the world to us! We would love to win this competition.

    Thank you!!

    Kirsty and Dean

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    Hi Kirsty & Dean... welcome to the forums and best of luck with the contest!
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    Hola Kirsty & Dean! Happy you guys decided to take place in the contest! Its going to be a wirl wind of activity as we have just kicked it off and you can expect to see a lot of entries soon! :)

    Be sure to get your Family & Friends to vote for you by clicking on "LIKE" on your post beside your picture! The entry with the most "LIKES" wins!!!

    I already kicked off your likes!
    Talk to you soon!
    Team MTM

    ps - Don't forget to use these forums to find out everything you need to know about your wedding. You can find:

    as well as post your questions here in the forums to get help with anything you need to find out!!!!
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    Cute Story!
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    Good job so far on the contest guys!!!! I see you are collecting some votes for the deadline on October 31 when we find out who won the free wedding photography!

    Don't forget to share this link with your family & friends on facebook and social media to get yourself some votes. Last time we held a contest like this, the winner had over 200+ votes!

    Good luck and we'll be keeping tabs on you guys!
    MTM Photography
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    Awesome job on the contest so far! Just a reminder we will be announcing the winner on October 31st! Make sure you share your entry with family, friends, facebook and your social network to get as many "LIKES" on your post!!!
    Stay tuned for the $2500 winner shortly!
    Team MTM Photography
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