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    Our Story started about 5 years ago. Roger was good friends with my sister's then boyfriend, (Now husband) Gary. My sister would always tell me how much Roger was like me, and that I would like him, and always drop hints to hook us up. I didn't take it seriously, as I never really paid it too much attention, I had never met him at that point. One day, Roger was over my sisters house, helping them set up a TV. I texted my friend Kim and said how "hot he was", to this day she still remembers when I told her that. I never really saw him around again. Flash forward to a few months later, one of my best friends was having her bachelorette party at this island in Ohio called "Put-In-Bay". Ironically, Roger was there that same weekend for a bachelor party. We officially "met" each other that day, and spent some time just talking and I remember thinking I had an instant connection with him. From that point on, I could not stop thinking about him. What I did not know at the time, was that he said he had a crush on me for 2 years before we had ever met. He had always seen my pictures, and "worked out at the gym extra hard" once he found out I would be there that same weekend as him. We eventually started dating, which was easy for us because we had my sister and Gary to double date with, the first couple times. We easily became best friends. About a year in of dating, my father had passed which was the hardest time in my life. I once read a quote that it is during the worst of times that you will get to see the true colors of the people who care for you. He proved just that, which solidified my gut feeling that he was the best match for me. Not only is Roger the most supportive, nicest person I've ever met, he lets me be me, and just gets me. I have a very goofy side of me that I only let out around people I am comfortable with. Since I started dating him, I've become more of myself. I'm not afraid to let that goofy side out to other people anymore.

    One of the things that I value the most of our relationship is our shared love of nature and the outdoors. Since we started dating 5 years ago, we have always spent time together outside. It started with walks at nearby parkways, led to me turning Roger into a runner (he couldn't run a mile when we started dating, and there have been times he's ran 8 miles alone!) He sits backs and lets me take 1,000 pictures of nature at the park and doesn't complain. He knows I love photography and it makes me happy. We both thought a destination wedding would be so fitting for us. We just want to be by the water, where we are happy, with a laid-back, no shoes ceremony. We have envisioned a small intimate wedding so that we can spend the most important time with the closest ones to us, which is why we chose a destination wedding.

    Speaking of a destination, ironically, he proposed to me on the beach. Leading up to that night, he made me a scavenger hunt of notes around the house. Each note was a clue with a gift that led me to another clue. The final clue was when he had packed a picnic for the beach, and proposed to me. When I found the first note in the scavenger hunt, it had not hit me yet that this was it, he was proposing! The reason is that he's always written me notes and left them around for me. I did catch on once I got to the second note though :)
    I have kept every single note that he has ever written to me, and now I have these to add to my collection.

    Roger and I do not have a ground breaking story to add to this contest of how we met, no major hurdles we had to jump to stay together. We are bound by rare, true love, that you see in the movies. We hardly fight, we are always joking and laughing and just trying to make the best of this life together. I cant wait to continue our story! :)

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    Awesome job on the contest so far! Just a reminder we will be announcing the winner on October 31st! Make sure you share your entry with family, friends, facebook and your social network to get as many "LIKES" on your post!!!
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