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    We are Suzie & Tomas! We meet one weekend on a friends ski trip with a bunch of our friends. Truth be told, we mostly hung out in our own groups during the entire weekend. The girls in our "gang" and the boys in theirs! jaja It was funny because while we didn't socialize much... I keep noticing the glance of one cute boy who didn't seem like the rest. While "boys will be boys"... and they were mostly dumb and drinking.... Tomas seemed to keep his cool and my attention at the same time.

    One night we all ended up at the town bar for drinks and wouldn't you know who was sitting beside me at the table. Well... at least we were both not shy. As the night grew on... so did our friendship and we never looked back.

    3 years later... I am here with a ring on my finger and new finance by my side! There is a whole romantic story to go with how it all happened but some things I want to keep for myself. In a world of facebook, instagram and pinterest... we share everything. Which is fine... but my personal "love story" is mine! :) I hope you understand.

    We looked through Moments that Matter Photography website and images and would be more than excited to have a free photography session next year for our wedding! If not free... we'll probably hire them and get the discount anyway! jaja

    Please send us some votes and your love!

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    Hey Suzie & Thomas... good luck with the contest and hope to see you around the forums!
    If you have any questions... please feel free to contact us or ask around the forums!
    Team MTM
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    Great story! Love the pic!!! I vote YES!

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