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    We met online like a lot of people these days, on the 28th December 2013. Although non of us were looking for a relationship, we couldnt get enough of each other. I didn't particularly fancy him when we met and he thought I was going to be a nightmare :) against all odds we were a match made in heaven.

    We spent 6 days together and then both had other plans for new year, we was apart one night and then to this day have only spent one night apart. We love just love to go out and try new fun things together, plus our love of sports darts, football, cricket & boxing. We also love a good day session and make the most of being together and being us. Sam only has to laugh and I am in stitches, we moved in together in March 2014 and have never looked back (Even though he hasn't worked out the use of the wash basket yet).

    Our story isn't that romantic or soppy but we both found our sole mate and on the 24th of May 2017 in the Riu Palace Mexico, we get to seal the deal for life. We are quiet a young couple.....ish haha, and would love to have some fun photos from our wedding to share with people who cannot be there and to add to our extensive selfie album haha. Not quiet the same for a wedding a selfie.

    I hope people like our story and we are happy to share it with others. I just hope our day can be made even better by having a photographer, as we are not going to be able to afford one in the budget. Even if it doesn't happen, knowing we have the rest of our life to spending making great memories is enough to keep us both smiling.

    Sam & Lonnie XxXxX
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    Awesome job Sam & Lonnie!
    Be sure to share your link with family and friends to get them to vote for you! We are still just at the start of the contest and last time we gave away a wedding like this it was over 200 votes that won it!
    Best of luck!!!!
    Team MTM
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    Great story LJ&sam ~ wishing you best of luck...cheers!
  4. VO evolution

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    Congratulations Sam and Lonnie
    Lovely story :)
    Vote for them !
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    I like you photos! haha
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    Good job so far on the contest guys!!!! I see you are collecting some votes for the deadline on October 31 when we find out who won the free wedding photography!

    Don't forget to share this link with your family & friends on facebook and social media to get yourself some votes. Last time we held a contest like this, the winner had over 200+ votes!

    Good luck and we'll be keeping tabs on you guys!
    MTM Photography

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