Now Sapphire / Mayan Riviera Photography April 2016 Wedding

Discussion in 'Tell us about your wedding!' started by Lianne Seitl, May 27, 2016.

  1. Lianne Seitl

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    I wanted something simple. I'm a simple hockey-playing-laid-back-Canadian girl. Small wedding (26 in total) was absolutely perfect for us. The resort, whether you have a small group or large group, is absolutely perfect. The resort is easily walkable, the restaurants are amazeballs and the wedding was so far beyond my expectations I can barely find words (which is nuts because I'm VERY word-y) to describe.

    Whether you are uber involved and super laid back (like me) the resort completely caters to you. Ramon was our coordinator and I can't say enough good things about he and his colleagues. Let me tell you - they've got wedding organization down to a science. Also, I've heard horror stories about onsite spas for hair and makeup. Rest assured that if you don't choose an outside stylist you will still be extremely happy with the resort spa.

    Regardless of the planning you do, the dress you pick, the weather on your big day or any of the other minor decisions you haggle with hear me out. You have one thing that you mustn't make a mistake on. It's the most important thing and the one thing that, if you choose wrong, you'll regret for the rest of your days. PHOTOGRAPHY. It truly is the biggest and most important decision you need to make. Trust me when I say that if you choose Mayan Riviera Photography you will forever be grateful for that one decision. One look at their pictures and you'll know why ...... They are nothing short of amazing. And fun. And innovative. And. And. And. I could keep going.

    If you are considering this resort and have any questions at all don't hesitate to shoot me a message.

    Happy planning! And stop stressing - you're getting married in one of the most beautiful places on earth!
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    Now Sapphire is a great resort. We've worked there many times and Juan Carlos (the wedding planner) has always been an invaluable help.
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  3. Thank you Lianne & Greg for let us be part of such special day in your life! It is always our goal to make our couples happy with their wedding day and exceed their exceptions! Hope to see you again in your next trip to the Riviera Maya!

    Here are some teasers! We hope they make you remember the emotions of the day:
    Now Sapphire Wedding0023.jpg Now Sapphire Wedding0031.jpg Now Sapphire Wedding0025.jpg Now Sapphire Wedding0046.jpg Now Sapphire Wedding0049.jpg Now Sapphire Wedding0041.jpg
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    Great review, Lianne ~ THX for sharing's what makes this forum such a great resource! Brides helping Brides - Luv it!
    Wishing you a wonderful life journey ahead - Enjoy!!!
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    Thant is awesome Lianne! So happy you found Mayan Riviera Photography and loved them! We work with them all the time and refer a lot of brides to them. Silvina is a great photographer and you can't go wrong with her.
    Take care... and hope to see you around the forums in the future!
    MTM Photography

    NOW Sapphire Wedding Images

    NOW Sapphire 02.jpg NOW Sapphire 12.jpg NOW Sapphire 13.jpg NOW Sapphire 21.jpg NOW Sapphire 28.jpg NOW Sapphire 41.jpg NOW Sapphire 45.jpg NOW Sapphire 47.jpg NOW Sapphire 48.jpg NOW Sapphire 51.jpg
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