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Discussion in 'Tell us about your wedding!' started by Brad Oats, May 22, 2016.

  1. Brad Oats

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    HI Everyone,
    We are looking at getting married next year at the Grand Palladium in the Mayan Riviera. Has anyone been married there before? What did they charge your for vendor fees to bring in a Dj or Photographer?
    Thanks for any help! Brad.
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    Hi Brad, welcome to the forum and Congrats on your upcoming Grand Palladium wedding next year! You've come to the right place to find lots of helpful planning information, so well done on that too :)

    You'll find Grand Palladium Resort details here to answer your questions. Our latest info on their outside vendor fee is $300 USD per vendor, however it's always a good idea to coordinate with your on-site wedding coordinator about their latest Vendor Policy and save communications. Mexican Resorts can change the policy at any time and often change the policy from one wedding to the next.
    Wishing you happy planning and that you have a marvelous journey ahead - Enjoy!!!

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  3. Hi Brad! Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding! In Mayan Riviera Photography we Do offer a Vendor Fee discount to help you with this expense. Please contact us to know more about our packages and prices!
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  4. Moments that Matter

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    Hey Brad... I just posted a reply to your brother about the Grand Palladium! Once again... you can find out all the resort information at their Grand Palladium Resort Link!

    The resort fee as mentioned for outside vendors like Wedding Photography is $300usd. Make sure you always check with your wedding coordinator as they resorts can change the Vendor Fee Policy from couple to couple so get it in an email!

    Here is some of our latest work at the resort for your consideration! Hope you enjoy. Contact us directly if you have any questions.
    Moments that Matter Photography

    Grand Palladium Riviera 03.jpg Grand Palladium Riviera 10.jpg Grand Palladium Riviera 11.jpg Grand Palladium Riviera 16.jpg Grand Palladium Riviera 23.jpg Grand Palladium Riviera 29.jpg Grand Palladium Riviera 38.jpg Grand Palladium Riviera 58.jpg Grand Palladium Riviera 61.jpg Grand Palladium Riviera 54.jpg

    Grand Palladium Riviera 58.jpg
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  5. Hi Brad!

    Congratulations on your engagement! You could not have picked a more beautiful place to start your lives together than the Riviera Maya!
    We hear questions about vendor fees SO often, so you're not alone in this!
    I hope that you find this article helpful. It's everything you need to know about vendor fees, and what (if anything) you can do about them.
    Let us know if you have questions....
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