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  1. mockingbird

    mockingbird New Member

    Hi everyone, Super Excited to find this forum and hope to find help!
    We got engaged on my birthday - Apr 3 and always knew we wanted a destination wedding - what could be better than getting married on the beach with sand in our toes ?!??!
    But when we started planning we realized we don't even know where to start - Help!

    We love the white sand beaches and blue-green Caribbean ocean, so are thinking the Cancun area...but when's the best time to have a destination wedding?
    How do we find a resort that fits our spending plan and is affordable for our guests? (we're thinking there will be children attending too).
    Our guests will likely pay for their own rooms, but do we need to reserve them in one area, and put down a deposit, or how does it work?
    We want a beach wedding, but what if it rains?
    Do all-inclusive resorts include the wedding reception, and where can we find if they have packages and what they cost?
    Does the resort have beauticians to do our bridal party's hair/makeup?
    Is it better to bring our own photographer, DJ, flowers or decorations?

    I know we have so many questions! It's all a bit overwhelming and SO Exciting!!! Looking for any advice we can get, and sending congrats to everyone else planning their weddings too - can't wait to hear back and get started :)
  2. Roslyn

    Roslyn online concierge

    Welcome to our I Do Mexico forum community mockingbird, and Congrats on your engagement and upcoming destination wedding!!! You've come to the perfect place to find answers for your planning questions, so well done on getting an excellent start already.
    You can find easy-to-compare resort details at our website link here: Riviera Maya Wedding Locations which can help narrow down your venue choices.
    Our wedding specialist vendors can field your other questions with their helpful tips + advice.
    Wishing you happy research, and that it all turns out to be just as amazing as you're anticipating it will - cheers!
  3. Monica Lopez

    Monica Lopez New Member

    Hola Roslyn, congratulations on your engagement (and birthday!)!

    Cancun definitely has one of the best views if you want an emerald and turquoise colour on your wedding pictures! Tulum and Isla Mujeres are one of my favourite places to take pictures too - they have a very relaxed vibe. Roslyn already gave you a great list of hotels - start looking there!.

    Almost all the resorts come with a wedding package and it can get upgraded depending on the number of rooms that you book (definitely contact the wedding planner of the hotel you choose to get more info about this!) If your guests prefer to stay in another resort, they will likely need to pay for a day pass to spend the wedding day with you.

    If it rains, there's usually a plan B: Moving your wedding indoors (ask your wp what would be and how they could help you rock it should rain happen). We have high chances of rain during June, late August, September and October. Hurricane season starts from June 1st and ends on Nov 30th - something to think about too!

    I would tell you April/May are the best months to get married, it's so sunny (is high wedding season in Cancun&RivieraMaya), but if you're looking for fresher weather you could try December through early March :)

    Here are some weddings I photographed during May:

    Natalia + Ming | Iberostar Cancun Wedding
    Kristina + Matt | Secrets The Vine Cancun Wedding

    Hope this helps!
  4. Jasmin & Matt Photo

    Jasmin & Matt Photo New Member

    Hi mockingbird,

    Congratulations on your engagement, we won't waste your time repeating the questions that Monica has already answered since she did such a great job.

    Most resorts offer their own beauticians, that being said there are some amazing hair and makeup artists out there that you can bring into the resort. One that comes to mind (and we ABSOLUTELY love working with) is Styling Trio

    We would definitely recommend hiring your own photographer over using one of the resorts. What ever you choose please make sure you choose one whose style you love and you connect with. Don't make the decision based on price.

    I've attached a few of our teasers for inspiration and a couple links to our galleries.

    Please do not hesitate to ask either on here or via email if you have any questions at all

    Recent Weddings:
    Andrea & Michel @ Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe
    Amber & Ross @ Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun
    Svetlana & Dmytro @ Azul Fives

    Kristen_Michael_Teaser_22.jpg Jannet_Evan_Teaser_02.jpg Kristi_Gord_Teaser_01.jpg Kristi_Gord_Teaser_03.jpg
  5. Hi there!!
    Congratulations for your upcoming wedding and welcome to the I Do Mexico community! In this website you will find all the information you need about all inclusive resorts, wedding packages, etc. Here there are also great wedding coordinators and travel agents that can help you to plan your big day.
    Answering to some of your questions, all the resorts has back up locations if the day of your wedding rain. Also you could check here how is the weather in this area and the best time for your beach ceremony.
    All the resorts has a salon to do hair & make up but not all of them use airbrush technique. We highly recommend use airbrush make up for your big day. It will make a really big difference on your pictures and you will look fabulous! Check all the premier vendors in this site they are all experts on what they do!!.
    And regarding Photography, if this is important for you, make sure you hire a professional to record this milestone in your life. Most of the resorts charge a vendor fee for bringing an outside photographer but it will worth the money.
    In Mayan Riviera Photography we understand that photography is an investment not to take lightly, That's why we put all our effort to succeed any expectation and give you the best service.
    Visit our website to know more about us!
    Raw_2712 copy.jpg Mayan Riviera Photography08.jpg Mayan Riviera Photography03.jpg Mayan Riviera Photography01.jpg Excellence Riviera Cancun Wedding32.jpg
    We are always here to help you book your dream session here in our beautiful Mayan Riviera, and look forward to hearing back from you soon - cheers!
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  6. Moments that Matter

    Moments that Matter Active Member

    Hola from sunny Mexico Mockingbird! (OK... I need to talk to your parents if that is your real name! haha)

    You've had some great advice from others. There is so many options for you it really is unlimited here when it comes to a beach wedding! :) Let us give you some pro's & cons to having a wedding in Cancun

    Cancun Pros
    The beach and ocean is unlike anything else you will find in the area. The ocean is such a deep blue its like living in a post card!
    Resorts are on the smaller side so if you don't want to have to walk 10 to 20 minutes to the beach, this is awesome.
    Cancun is the "party capital" of the Riviera Maya... if you want to get married here in a Las Vegas type environment... you've found your match!

    Cancun Cons
    While hotels are close to the beach... they are also very busy and beaches/pools can become crowded quickly with guests. The dreaded towels out at 8am to reserve chairs can be an issue.
    Hotels & Resorts are also very tall. Depending on which part of Cancun you will host your event... this causes the beaches to be covered in shadow very early. As photographers... we have to start chasing the sun well before sunset to get those images you came for.
    Cancun is not the kind of place you will walk around. You will find that you bus or taxi from one location to another as they are far apart. If you came for romance and/or family vacation fun with kids... a resort down the coast or Playa del Carmen is a much better fit for you! :)

    Here are some of our Cancun Wedding Resorts for you to view!
    Riu Cancun Wedding Link
    Secrets the Vine Wedding Link
    Beloved Hotel Wedding Link (Located in the North part of Cancun Playa Mujeres)

    Hope this helps... you can always contact us for more information or advice on planning our your wedding day!!!

    MTM Photography

    RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0008.jpg RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0016.jpg RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0021.jpg RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0020.jpg RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0048.jpg RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0052.jpg RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0055.jpg RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0058.jpg RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0067.jpg RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0069.jpg
    RIU Cancun Wedding Photography 0048.jpg
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  7. VO evolution

    VO evolution Member

    Hi Mockinbird

    Ni e to meet you and congrats for your future wedding,Cancun is an awesome place to get married all the Mayan riviera too offer a large range of hotels privates place to celebrate your Union
    I thing for start you can search an hotel or found a wedding planner, they know everything :)
    If you want to get beautified by a profesional team we are your dream artists team :) we work airbrush makeup ( humid -proof) and beautiful and long lasting hairstyle, I invite you to visit our website
    Don't hesitate if you need some tips it will be a pleasure help you
    Best regards ! Enjoy your searches
    Natacha Vo evolution
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  8. Trend & Art

    Trend & Art New Member

    Hi Mockingbird congratulations for your upcoming wedding!!
    We provide Hair and Airbrush Makeup in Riviera Maya. Every make up includes fake eyelashes. We use the airbrush technique for make up which is perfect for the humidity and we give you some advises to get the perfect hairstyle. You will be awesome all night long. The company works with leading Brands such as L’oreal, Shwarzkopf, MAC, Kryolan, Tarte, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Bobbi Brown, Benefit.
    You can visit our website and check some pictures of our work, and find us in the social networks as /trendandart.
    Feel free to email us for any question to
    Best. Dani.
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  9. Hi Mockingbird!

    A HUGE congratulations on your engagement!
    You could not have picked a more beautiful place to get married than the Riviera Maya! And all of your questions and concerns have been shared by so many overwhelmed brides before you...

    But you have come to the right place! We are here to help!

    We think these will be especially helpful to you right now as you start this whole process:

    4 Important Questions To Ask Before Planning A Destination Wedding

    The Bride's Guide For A Rainy Beach Wedding: 7 Essential Tips

    7 FAQs About Vendor Fees In Riviera Maya Mexico

    What Every Bride Should Know About All-Inclusive Weddings

    We really hope you find this helpful, and if you need any clarification or have further questions, just ask!

    Warm & Happy Regards,
    Gillian and Marc.
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  10. Doranna Hairstylist

    Doranna Hairstylist New Member

    Hola Mockingbird!

    Congratulations on your engagement! You definitely pick a beautiful part of the world to say " I do!".

    The entire Riviera Maya from Cancun to Tulum is gorgeous. Each area has its own special treat for you. Starting from Cancun you will find it is more city like and faster all the way to Tulum which has a more bohemian feel. There is Playa del Carmen which is a city too but not as big and there are smaller areas such as Puerto Morelos and Akumal which have a more private feel like Tulum. But the entire coast will giv eyou that free Mexican Caribbean feel and a relaxed atmoshphere for you and your guests.

    The summers are hot here so it is best to avoid summer months if your guests aren't used to the heat. Luckily the weather here is wonderful throughout most of the year.

    Once you find the area, you can focus on the resort or hotel. Most here have wedding coordinators or if the y do not you can contact a separate wedding coordinator who works in a specific area and she can guide you to which resort or hotel will work best for you based on your personality and idea of your Big Day.

    Each hotel has its own policies but most will require a deposit to reserve a block of rooms for your guests and they will help you manage those reservations because you will clearly be a busy bride-to-be!

    As mentioned above, there will always be a contigency plan for rain, no worries there!

    Each hotel will have their own packages that you can choose from and some will allow you to customize how you want your Big Day to go.

    Many larger resorts have a spa where you can have the services done or if you choose an outside artist there are different procedures for having that done based on the resort. With hotels, you will need to contact outside services. It is important here that I mention that the Mexican Riviera has its own special and humid climate. It will suit you best to have a hair and makeup artist who has experience in this area who knows how to navigate humidity, salt and breeze with technique as well as product. Also experience with different types of hair and how it will react to these conditions. I have 13 years ecperience in this area as well as 26 internationally.

    There is much talent here for weddings in all areas. You can save the extra cost of bringing someone here for photography, music, flowers, etc. It is important to do your research through. And if you do get married in a larger resort, they will take care of all of that for you.

    I hope I was able to answer these without too much repetition of the above advice. I invite you to look at my site to get idea in my gallery and also to peruse my testimonials of over 1000 satisfied brides. I also have included the link to my blog which has great readings about advice for weddings here in the Mexican Riviera.

    Best of luck with everything and please feel free to contact me directly at or 011-521-984-108-9287 (What's App).

    Greetings from Paradise!

    Doranna De Bortoli
    Italian Hair Stylist
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  11. M & J Photography

    M & J Photography New Member

    Hi Mockingbird,

    You've already received some good advice. Obviously, the best way to choose a locale and a resort is to visit and do your own scouting.

    We have a synopsis on our web site about getting married in the Riviera Maya where we try to explain the pros and cons of each area:

    We have also done several blog posts in the past couple of months voting for our favorite venues from Isla Mujeres to Tulum:

    I can't emphasize enough how hot and humid it is during the summer months (which down here begins in May!). Please don't have the guys wear jackets if you do a summer wedding.

    We do think you'll be happier with an outside hair and make up stylist, but if you choose to use the resort spa, bring a photo of how your want your hair and make up done.

    Some of the best wedding photographers in the world live in the area. Finding one who fits your style and budget will likely be one of the easiest decisions of your wedding planning.

    Good luck,
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  12. Sarah Garnier

    Sarah Garnier New Member

    Hi Mockinbird,

    Nice to meet you and congratulation, we are a company based in the Mayan Riviera, we are a french team of hair and make up artists and we've been working in the caribbean for years now.
    We offer all the services you need to look stunning on your wedding day ! It would be a pleasure for us to guide you on the choice of your bridal look and to make you beautiful for the big day ! Airbrush make up is definitely the best option for a long lasting result .

    Please visit our website and Instagram for more information about us and don't hesitate to contact us !

    Have a nice day and see you soon

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  13. Welcome to the I DO MEXICO community/forum Mockingbird! You found a fab place for all the resources, advice and vendor information for your upcoming wedding in the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico.

    Regarding your question about hair and makeup, we are a premier agency here in the Riviera Maya area providing expert hair and makeup services for you and your bridal party, family and friends. We use professional grade HD airbrush makeup which is perfect for tropical climates. In fact, here is an excerpt from one of our recent blog articles on this topic:

    "Airbrush makeup is a formula designed for face and body, developed expressly for Makeup Artists working in High Definition TV, film, and beauty. The HD airbrush makeup gives the skin not only the perfect look on the wedding day but also the perfect look in the photos as well. Photographers here in the Riviera Maya love airbrush makeup because of the natural look and feel it gives to the skin. Also there is less retouching involved since the airbrushing allows for a more uniform skin. Airbrush makeup holds up very well, it rests on top of the skin, sealing it from outside agents but the skin will still be able to breath and look its most natural.

    If you are getting married in a tropical environment you must be aware that humid weather can be a nightmare. Precisely the reason why there are specific products to keep your makeup flawless for a minimum of 12hrs and up to 18 hours of holding power! It is important that you look your best throughout the day of photo shooting, ceremony, the dancing and crying!...”

    For more on Airbrush makeup for your upcoming wedding or to see some of our work in photos, visit our website at:, check us out on Facebook: or Instagram @stylingtrio OR contact us via email with your questions, at:

    We look forward to hearing from you and have a fun time planning your destination wedding! It’s an exciting adventure.


    Dena DaSilva
    Online Concierge for Styling Trio

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  14. Cassandra Cassou

    Cassandra Cassou New Member

    Hello First of all congratulations on your engagement !!
    Cancun is a beautiful place to get married, there are plenty of hotels with very good promotions as grand palladium.
    if you need professionals to do your hair and makeup we are specialists in brides we offer
    Long lasting Makeup

    +Water Resistant Makeup

    +Airbrush Makeup HD

    +Makeup and hairstyle the day of the event

    I invite you to visit us

    It would be a pleasure to serve on that special day

    regards Cassandra
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  15. mockingbird

    mockingbird New Member

    Wow! Thanks everyone for your warm congrats and all the great info to help us get started on our new life path - we're so glad we found you all, and are looking forward to getting our plans underway! We now have lots of choices to consider, and will be sifting through your recommendations to find what will be best for our wedding, and what we want to include.
    Thanks again for all your help and encouragement - makes it easier to know we're not alone in this position, and have so much support from all of you - thanks again! mockingbird + lovebird :)

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