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Riviera Maya Wedding Hair Makeup

Choosing Wedding Hair & Makeup Artist

BEST Wedding Hair & Makeup Artist in the Riviera Maya

Wedding HairYou need the right vendors to make this happen and finding a Wedding Hair & Makeup Artist team is very important. A friend of mine living in Canada recently did a destination wedding in Veracruz Mexico, she asked me for help to find a hair & makeup artist for her because she didn’t know where to start or how to find one.

First of all, there are amazing artists here in the Riviera Maya, you don’t need to fly one from home. Misconceptions like Mexican artists are not as good as the ones from Canada or USA are a thing of the past. You just need the right tools to find them!



Top 3 recommendations for finding a Wedding Artist: Google, Facebook and Instagram

Google will be your first search. You can start my typing

  • makeup artist + (Location in the Riviera Maya)
  • Makeup Artist Cancun
  • Wedding  Hair Stylist

Hair & Makeup artists are more popular in google and it is highly probable that the artist you like works along with hair stylists similar to them.

Check out the websites, the feeling you get with each of them, the quality of photography, nowadays is not hard to have a website that reflects who they are as artists and you want an artist that pays attention to detail and that is passionate about it.

Check out Facebook & Instagram!!! Most of the artists have Facebook Pages and an Instagram Accounts. Look through their profiles and see the kinds of clients they have and if you can relate to them. When searching In Facebook and Instagram use this hashtags:

  • #makeup + (Location in the Mayan Riviera)
  • #cancunmakeup
  • #tulummakeup

When you find an artist that you like, ask for pricing and availability! What extra fees their are and what kind of products do they use.  You might not be an expert but you can do a little research on the products.



Ask a couple of Hair & Makeup Artists for prices

Makeup Artist

It is a great way to know the price range in the Riviera Maya and it is very important to have an open mind if the price range is higher than what you are being charged at home.

If you can’t find an artist that you like, search for the surrounding areas.  I ended up sending my friend an AMAZING WEDDING TEAM that I found in the nearest city! We found this artist through Instagram using the hashtags! She answered super fast and she did both wedding hair & makeup for us. My friend looked stunning from beginning to end on her wedding day!





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